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Thailand Cycling Club is pleased to invite pupils to design ‘Bike To School’ projects for a contest.


To encourage development of concepts and actions to promote pupils in primary, secondary and vocational schools all over the country to cycle to schools. Thailand Cycling Club wishes to see projects with the following characteristics being submitted for contest.

• Simple, but systematic and feasible with participation of other local agencies, such as local communities, local administrative organizations, government clinics and wat (Buddhist temple).
• Having a process to stimulate and promote friends, teachers and other personnel in school to cycle to school through various activities, such as campaign and public relations.
• School administrators and teachers take part in promoting and supporting pupils/students to travel to schools by bicycle.
• Having training activities to provide knowledge and develop skills for cycling correctly, safely and by the rules.
• Having budget in details and sources of fund identified.
• Results from project implementation could be summarized and analyzed into lessons, models and guidelines for other schools.
Selected projects would receive 10,000 Thai Baht as a partial funding to implement them according to their work plan to turn them concretely into practice.
A project document should be submitted to Thailand Cycling Club by school, or cycling club in school, or group formed to implement the project with teacher(s) in the school acting as advisor(s), or by school together with local community.
For more details and to download an application form, visit www.thaicyclingclub.org. Interested in submitting project document to enter the contest, please contact Thailand Cycling Club at tel./fax: 02 618 4430.  Complete project documents should be sent to Thailand Cycling Club, 15 Soi Pradipat 17, Pradipat Road, Samsennai, Phyathai, Bangkok 10400.
Project submission opened from 15th August 2012 to 15th October 2012.



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