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TCC & GIZ to seek GEF’s supports for climate change mitigation with cycling

TCC & GIZ to seek GEF’s supports for climate change mitigation with cycling



Thailand as a state party of the UNFCCC commits to reduce GHG by 7-20 % within the year 2020 through four measures, one of which is development of a sustainable transport system and mitigation of climate change. Turning from using motorized vehicle to walking and/or cycling as mode of transport for short-distance travels in daily life could significantly reduce GHG emission and thus help mitigate climate change.

Thailand Cycling Club (TCC), a group nationally recognized for its active cycling and walking advocacy and promotion in Thailand, and a Founding Member of WCA with its Founder and President,Prof. Thongchai Panswad Ph.D., being a member of WCA Steering Board,then is now working in partnership with the Thai-German Cooperation Project of the German International Cooperation (GIZ) to come up with projects for climate change mitigation in Thailand through cycling and walking promotion, including one to be proposed to the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

GIZ also cooperates with the Royal Thai Government’s Office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Planning (ONEP) and Office of Transport Policy and Planning (OTPP) to develop a NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) project for Thailand on Access to Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) and Public Transport System Management.  On December 30, 2014, a NAMA Project Development Working Group was appointed. This working group then appointed another working group to prepare NAMA project proposal on the technical aspects. TCC was appointed as a member of this technical working group represented by Mr. Gawin Chutima, a TCC Committee Member. 

Being in the working group, TCC has gained another channel to advice a multiparty partnership on development of cycling and walking friendly systems and structures.  In aPeople-Centred Urban Transport NAMA Project, footpaths and bike paths are to be developed to give better access to electric train stations in two areas of Bangkok with a goal in mind that if successful, they would be models for adoption in other parts of Bangkok and other cities to promote NMT to reduce GHG.  TCC’s comments and suggestions were well taken and integrated as key points to develop the proposal.   

TCC has already committed to be an active partner in the implementation of this project if approved and look forward to having further cooperation with GIZ which TCC believes could give access to, and create more cooperation with, other international agencies to use cycling and walking as means to effectively solve global problems.

Reported by Gawin Chutima

TCC Committee Member and Assistant to TCC President on matters related to ECF and WCA



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