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DCE to share in Thailand how to create a ‘Cycling City’

DCE to share in Thailand how to create a 'Cycling City'



Like others who are working to promote cycling in daily life, Thais have admired what have been achieved by the Dutch.  Most wonder how they have turned the Netherlands into undisputed No.1 Cycling Country in the world.  To be exact, what was the turning point?


Velo-city Global 2015 is the most successful conference in the Velo-city series out of Europe. It took place for the first time in Asia at Taipei City in Taiwan during February 27 to March 1, 2016, where Thailand had the biggest delegations ever to Velo-city, 24, 8 of which came from Thailand Cycling Club (TCC).  Importantly, it was the first time that delegations from local government which is key to cycling promotion were also there from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Chiang Mai City Municipality.  Therefore it is a wonderful opportunity to have Dr. Rob van der Bijl, an expert on town planning and cycling promotion from the world famous Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE), to give knowledge and share experiences from the Netherlands in Thailand.   A meeting is planned to take place at Office of the Traffic and Transport Policy and Planning on March 9, 2016 at 08.30 – 11.30 am.  Dr. van der Bijl would share his experiences from giving advice to municipality authorities in many countries around the world how a city is to become a ‘cycling city’ or ‘bicycle-friendly city’ and the Dos and Don’ts in doing so.  The meeting is jointly organized by Thailand Cycling Club, Office of Traffic and Transport Policy and Planning in Thailand’s Ministry of Transport, and the Dutch Cycling Embassy 



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