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Chiang Kham Cycling Town workshop organized

Chiang Kham Cycling Town workshop organized


Chiang Khamis a district in Payao Province, Northern Thailand The town of Chiang Kham is not so big and has a town plan suitable for local people to walk and use bicycle as a main mode of transport in their daily life.  


Recognising this enabling physical factor, Thailand Cycling Club (TCC) together with Foundation for the Social Research and Actions Institute (SRAI) then organized a workshop on December 18, 2015, to brainstorm local stakeholders, including representatives from local administrative organisations (Yuan Sub-District Municipality, Wiang Sub-District Municipality and Tam Chiang Kham Sub-District Municipality), Chiang Kham Witthayakhom School (Chiang Kham District’s main high school), Baan Pi School, Wat Phra Nang Din School and other smaller primary schools, group of public health volunteers, khamnan (sub-district chiefs) and phu yai baan (village chiefs) and community leaders, and military units in the area, for example, on how they together could turn Chiang Kham into a cycling town. 



The meeting came out with draft strategies and a draft action plan for each stakeholder to implement according to their (official) role and responsibilities.   Yuan Sub-District Municipality voluntarily accepted to take up a role as a core group to move forward agreed actions.  The working group of TCC and SRAI still has a lot of works to do, such as organizing focus group discussion for each group of stakeholders, both those who participated in this workshop and those who could not, such as a group of entrepreneurs operating resorts and hotels in the area, Chiang Kham Cultural Council and tricycle taxi riders.

Another firm step was taken in an effort to turn Chiang Kham into a cycling town.




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